Typical assignments

"Harrington Analytics engaged us in a very thorough and in depth operations analysis which discovered the weak links in our business office work flows.  Their suggestions to address the problems are being implemented as staffing permits."  Agency CFO


  • Program analysis and operations assessment - uncovering opportunities for adopting best practices to improve performance , maximize revenues and reduce costs

  • New Product or Program Feasibility Analysis - generating data to facilitate decision making

  • Continuous Process Improvement - LEAN - Facilitating a team to examine a process, uncovering the means to become more effecient, effective and profitable

  • Financial Operations Analysis - identifying opportunities for improvements; increasing staff productivity, reducing time spent correcting or reprocessing work 

  • Standardizing budgeting processes to improve accuracy and profitability, saving time in development and reducing time to approval

  •  Project management 

  • Implementation Assistance and Support

Financial Analysis



We take raw financial information and turn it into useable information which can be acted on to make informed decisions. By Analyzing the Financial Performance of a program or function or the organization in its entirety we uncover opportunities for improvement in revenues, optimization of processes and reductions in costs.

Financial Operations Analysis



Analyzing the work flow, work product and staffing adequacy of an Organization’s Financial Functions; yielding practical solutions for improvements to your business office processes.  We assist financial managers to discover more effective means of accomplishing their work, freeing up resources to more effectively operate your organization.

Continuous Process Improvement 
LEAN facilitation


Leading / Facilitating LEAN process improvement projects to seek more effective ways of doing business; to perform key processes with less time and effort, to create higher customer and employee satisfaction, to generate fewer defects

Business Operations Assessment



 Operations Analysis is creative in nature and provides the trigger to consider how the objectives of a program or function could be better met, how costs could be saved, and whether, in fact, the organization should even be performing a particular function. Operational analysis address questions such as:


“How could we better meet the customer needs?”

 “Could we meet these same customer needs at lower cost?”


“How could services be combined to better meet our organization’s strategic goals?”


 “How could we make better use of technology to provide a better level of service at lower cost?”

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  • Budget development for the organization as a whole or specific functions

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